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Girls Chat is a place for Girls of all ages to talk, hang out and have fun online. Girls Chat is one of the webs most popular chats for teens. Hundreds of users digitally connect with strangers and make new friends.

Here, chatters talk about school, friends, music, games or life in general. They post pictures and videos as well as share links. Girls can use emojis, change fonts and colors and update their mood to help express themselves online.

Chatters-Avenue has offered group chat rooms for Girls since the start, over 2 years ago. This is a friendly online community for kids over the age of 13 and our moderators work to keep it that way. We hope you enjoy you visit and and back soon.

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Social media platforms like Instagram and Snap are popular apps that teens love. But nothing compares to a teen chat room with hundreds of user talking about their lives in real time. Here, you can post pictures, update your profile, add to your friend list, chat with the entire room or message privatly one on one. Our chat room also shares many features with the big social media companies like Facebook which include wall posts, news updates, music player / radio station, private messages, Giffy images, Youtube videos and more.


In real life expressing your feelings is often done without thought. A furrowed brow or raised eyebrow easily conveys a wide range of emotions and feelings. However, this is a bit more difficult when people can not see your face. Thankfully, Teen Chat allows you to use thousands of emojis / smileys / emoticons / gifs / Giffy animations and stickers to better communicate and express yourself. 

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As is the case with all of our chat rooms bigoted and hateful speech will result in getting kicked or banned. This chat room is MIXED AGES. Please do not post your personal information including email address or Snap IDs in the chat room. If you want to share a social media ID please do so in private chat so you are not spammed by others. Please review the full list of Girls chat rules when you have time. Stay stafe and have fun!

Parents, this is a free service and moderators are not always around-- though they may be invisible. We cannot guarantee inappropriate material will not show up. But, we have a good track record and work with law enforcement to keep predators out and our teens safe. You know your teen best and should make the final call on they should use an online chat site.

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Download Girls Chat App!

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The free chat app functions exactly like the website. We actually weren't sure we should create an app since it's exactly the same as creating a website shortcut on your phone's home screen. But if you are a boy who wants to use a chat app on your Android phone feel free to download it. Please note there are no mobile notifications of private messages.

We were working on an Apple App but their developer policies are proving to be difficult to follow / pass.