Once a VIP, always a VIP

You'll always have access to future VIP features.

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VIP Chat Features

Below are a list of the chat room features available to users with upgraded VIP accounts. You can upgrade your account or that of a friend's for $5. Once a VIP always a VIP.

special emojis

Special Emojis

The collection of "Special Emojis" include Apple emojis, Things and Specialty-Sets (more coming soon). We will rotate them in and out from time to time. Keep an eye out around the holidays!

copy and paste

Paste It

Easily share images by copy and pasting them into the chat room or private messages. VIPs no longer have to attach images, they can simply drag and drop or copy and paste them.

name and text colors

Name & Text Colors

Being able to change your name and text color is a decent perk but the gradient color effects look pretty amazing!

my name is awesome

Head of The Class

VIP member's names appear at the top of the user list. So everyone gets to see your awesome, fancy, cool, colorful name. drooling

no spam kicks

Chat History

Scroll back in time and see what was posted before you entered the room. View prior conversations and pictures posted!


No Accidental Spam Bans*

VIPs are be immune from our "spam filter". This is an automated system that kicks or bans chatters when they type various words or urls commonly found in spam messages. This is unfortunately sometimes triggered by innocent chatters and can take time to rectify. *We occasionally turn this feature off to catch people who have purchased VIP just to spam.

Purchase Within The Chat

Upgrade any User Account to VIP instantly!
(One Time Fee of $5 = VIP for Life)

Click "Myself" to upgrade the account you are logged into. Click "Someone else" to upgrade a friend's account!

* Guest accounts can't be upgraded.
* There are no refunds



Pay With BitCoin? or Ethereum

Some people are particularly concerned about privacy and do not want this, or any website to have any identifying information about them and have asked to pay for vip with bitcoin. If you wish to pay with BitCoin or Ether you must email [email protected] the wallet address you paid from and the username of the account or accounts you would like to be made VIP ($20 USD per VIP). Accounts will need to be upgraded manually and are not instant but should be done within an hour.

SegWit BitCoin Address: Coming Soon
Ethereum Address: Coming Soon